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How WIG Works...

The Wireless Internet Gateway (WIG) gives WAP and SIM Application ToolKit (SAT) terminals access to WML-based applications. 

It brings WAP to legacy terminals via SMS and supports end-to-end security, push and location-based services.

A SIM-based WML browser not only lets a GSM operator deliver web-style content to the current large installed base of mobile phone subscribers, but it offers increased security inherent in the SIM´s Smart Card technology. 

Since each subscriber holds a unique encrypted digital signature in each phone´s SIM card, the WIG makes it possible for operators to immediately add applications like e-commerce and online banking, which capture the interest of security-conscious subscribers clamoring for more financial transaction services.

The SIM-based WML browser for the WIG is available on most SIM platforms, including Giesecke & Devrient, Setec, Gemplus, Schlumberger and De La Rue (Oberthur). SIM browser plug-in modules are also available to generate signatures and retrieve location-based information. 

It is now possible for WML application programmers to begin immediate deployment of location sensitive applications, and to support security schemes based on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

For more info, see www.acrosswireless.com for their excellent suite of mobile commerce products.

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