Motorola V. Series v8088 WAP

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The Motorola V. Series v8088 phone is Motorola's smallest, lightest WAP-enabled GSM phone. Weighing only 79 grams, it combines high technology with high style.

Feature-packed in a stylish shell, users can browse the Internet*, send and receive emails*, and check for crucial information all in this tiny package. 

With a strong user interface incorporating second generation iTAP predictive text entry, the Motorola v8088 phone enables quicker and more intelligent input and edits to phonebook entries, providing users with an intuitive, efficient data entry system. The phone also comes equipped with Voice Recognition technology that offers hands-free access to 9 Quick Access functions, and Voice Not** that allows recording of short reminder memos. Users can also Voice Dial up to 25 phonebook entries.

Users can find delight in a new feature. The 'v' shaped light window lights up in different colours during an incoming call for easy identification of the caller. Different light colours can be customized for different callers in the phone memory.

Supporting a range of Asian and European languages, this phone can be used across multiple geographies.

It is available in Platinum, Lilac, Teal Green and Radar Blue.