Motorola v66 GPRS Triband Worldphone

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The Motorola V.series™ 66 is the smallest GPRS tri-band clamshell phone to arrive on the market.

This iconic, ultra-stylish handset offers voice activated dialing, and fashionable accessories including an FM Radio and a variety of interchangeable front inserts.

These are available in a number of modern colours to allow personalisation and expression of individual style.

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It has a nifty external second display that allows the user to see the number of an incoming call without having to open up the flap.

It also has a 500 number memory, is WAP-enabled, and a VoiceDial facility. The WAP browser uses WAP v1.1

It also has an appointment facility and 64 ringtones with SMS delivery of ringtones.

It will be available in 3Q2001

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