World First CDMA Based Mobile Wireless Phone Call Made on SDR Platform Without Qualcomm Chipsets

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 24 2001

Advanced Communications Technologies Inc. (ACT-USA) (OTC Bulletin Board: ADVC - news) today announced that the company's research and development arm has successfully demonstrated the establishment of the World's first mobile wireless phone call on a Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform using the CDMAone (IS-95B) protocol. The call was made to an off-the-shelf Qualcomm CDMA PCS handset, was processed on the company's SpectruCell SDR base station, and perhaps most importantly, was made without the use of any protocol specific hardware or Qualcomm chipsets.

This successful demonstration is extremely significant for mobile wireless operators planning to rollout 3G (UMTS, WCDMA, IMT2000) services and other 2G (GSM, CDMA) based networks. The ability of the company's SpectruCell SDR wireless base station to eliminate the need for Qualcomm's CDMA chipsets to provide CDMA functionality on SDR has the potential to generate very significant savings in licensing fees for carriers seeking to roll-out 3G or 2G networks.

``Qualcomm has been reputed to have held a stranglehold on CDMA as far as network providers are concerned,'' said Roger May, Chairman of ACT-USA. ``Until now there was no other way to provide a CDMA based service and network operators were bound to pay substantial license fees to Qualcomm for the use of their CDMA chipsets. By using a software radio technology instead of conventional hardware based network solutions, ACT's SpectruCell SDR base station technology is able to complete these same processes in software which effectively by-passes the majority of Qualcomm's patents on CDMA. Combined with SpectruCell's software up-gradability, multiple protocol functionality, shared or virtual networking capability and distributed network architecture, the potential savings for network operators deciding to implement SpectruCell are extremely significant. The projected cost of a SpectruCell SDR multiple protocol wireless base station is expected to be 25% less than that of a current technology single protocol base station.''

May continued, ``ACT has lodged a number of patent applications over the core processes for implementing CDMA on a SDR platform. Given the shift towards SDR and the backing this exciting technology is receiving from the industry regulators like the FCC, we believe that this provides ACT-USA with a substantial asset capable of generating significant income and should position us in powerful competitive position, as other base station manufacturers seek to develop SDR base stations.''

Video Clip of World First Demonstration of SDR based CDMA Support

The ACT engineers in Australia recorded the establishment of the CDMA call to a handset from the company's SpectruCell SDR base station. It was filmed on-site at the R&D center in Melbourne, Australia and provides a demonstration of the processes for the call set up and an actual call being made to a Qualcomm CDMA PCS handset. The video can be viewed by downloading it from ACT's web site at (the video requires Quicktime 5, a download link for the program is provided on ACT'S website).

``We have now demonstrated full transmit and receive capability for CDMA,'' said Paul Staugaitis, RF Team Leader for Advanced Communications Technologies. ``This technical capability opens up broad commercial areas in virtual network operation, shared networks and reduced barriers to entry for new operators, protocols and technologies.''

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