Ericsson R380 PDA & Phone

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R380 back view

The Ericsson R380 is a Smart Phone with a built in PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) - but still the size of a mobile phone. It has a touchscreen, WAP browser, can take voice notes and serve as a speaker phone

R380 features include:

  • GSM 900/1800 dual band phone
  • Touch screen with back light
  • Uses WAP system for Internet access
  • In-built modem
  • EPOC operating system
  • Flip with keys
  • Large display
  • Infrared communication
  • Size as a mobile phone
  • Address book
  • Calendar
  • E-mail and SMS
  • WAP browser
  • Voice notes
  • Notepad
  • Speaker phone
  • Calculator
  • Alarm clock
  • PC synchronisation
  • Ericsson Mobile Internet

The R380 has an address book, a calendar, a voice note recorder, a notepad and other personal organisation tools. 

The R380 features hand writing recognition, voice dialling and voice answering. Synchronisation of user information between R380 and a PC will be supported. 

To access information R380 will support Internet WML browser (WAP).

To access information from the Internet, R380 supports WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). 

Developed specifically for mobile use the Mobile Internet service (based on WAP) is a unique function offering you quicker access to the Internet.

The Ericsson R380 is equipped with the EPOC operating system. Developed by Symbian especially for wireless information devices, this operating system is easier to operate, less power consuming, faster, and more versatile than others.

EPOC offers the user a fully featured suite of personal information management as well as productivity and communication applications.

Based on a new platform, the phone's components draw less current and thereby ensure work times, which will fulfil requirements from active users. 

Batteries are made from lithium ion. Ericsson has developed an all-new series of accessories, which form an intelligent communications concept together with the phone.
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Ericsson R380e SmartPhone


The R380e is an improved version of Ericssons R380 Smartphone.

R380e has new functionality, increased performance and extended talk and standby times as well as a new color, Denim Blue. It will be available during October 2001. Ericsson was first out with a  Smartphone when the company released the award-winning R380s last year. A combined mobile phone and personal organizer, R380e is the ideal business tool.

Compared to its predecessor, R380e has 25 percent more battery capacity, faster operational speed and improved SIM card management. It has a WAP 1.2.1 browser and supports WTLS Class 2 for full WAP security. R380e has improved software customization options including the possibility for operators and corporate customers to define WAP  and e-mail icons. 

The user can also personalize start-up animations. To allow network operators the flexibility to update subscribers' SIM cards, alter existing services, and download new services over the air, R380e supports SIM AT. 

R380e can be connected to a PC using a USB cable, it
has one additional game and a feature that allows the user to write short notes directly on the screen for later reference - Ink notes.

A total solution for mobile communications
R380e is a combined mobile phone, calendar, address book, and mobile Internet device with e-mail and WAP. It has the look, feel and performance of a feature-packed mobile phone. And when you open the front flip, R380e transforms to an advanced personal organizer with a large landscape display with an easy-to-use touchscreen keyboard and handwriting recognition for fast and easy input.

R380e lets you read, edit and send e-mail, WAP-mail, and concatenated SMS with thousands of characters wherever you are. It also conveniently allows you to have e-mail and WAP settings remotely configured via SMS. Corporate users can effectively access company e-mail or other information systems.

Keeps you up to date and synchronized R380e has a versatile, easy-to-use calendar. It has day, week and month views, and a useful task list. Appointment details, dates and times are effectively stored and R380e will remind you when something is due. The R380e contacts feature is a very effective tool. For each contact, you can store name, address, e-mail, and several phone numbers. And information about hundreds of contacts can be sorted in a variety of

Calendar, contacts e-mail and tasks data in your R380e can be synchronized with Microsoft® Outlook and Lotus® Notes and Organizer in your PC, making sure the two devices always have the same information and are backed up. Out and about, you can share calendar and contacts information with other devices via infrared.

Several applications, designed to enable R380e users to remotely access and interact with corporate networks, are available. These include e- mail, calendar, database management, WAP server applications and customer and system support applications. Pre-installed company logos, and access and security settings are some of the customization possibilities of the R380e.

Confidential data is effectively encrypted and your integrity and corporate network security is guaranteed. Security protocols supported by R380e include solutions from RSA Security® and Secure Computing®. R380e has WAP 1.2.1 with WTLS class 2 for added security making it safe to send information such as credit card and bank account numbers over the air and it has pre-installed trusted certificates from leading suppliers Baltimore®, Entrust® and Verisign®.

R380e has ink notes, a calculator, a world clock, games, a notepad and a useful voice notes feature. An amazing array of features that make communicating easy. The Symbian OS is intuitive and easy-to-use. The smartphone just got smarter.

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