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wml-tools is a suite of small programs designed to help in the construction of WAP WML decks. The suite currently comprises :

  • wmlc - a WML bytecode compiler
  • wmld - a WML bytecode decompiler
  • wmlv - a very simple text-based WML deck viewer
  • wbmp2xpm - a WBMP to XPM converter
  • wmlhtml - a simple WML deck to HTML converter
  • rdfwml - an RDF channel to WML deck converter

Current status

The overall project is still less than a week old, but each tool is at a different stage :

  • wmlc - can compile most WML decks so long as they don't contain script variables as these are not dealt with yet.
  • wmld - can decompile correctly every WML deck that I have at the moment. Can deal with string table references and script variables.
  • wmlv - understands the most basic tags only but can give a quick indication of how WML decks can look.
  • wbmp2xpm - can parse all WBMPs I have at the moment.
  • wmlhtml - generates HTML which gives a good representation of how WML decks will look. To become a CGI program which will also convert inline images to allow WML to be browsed from a normal web browser.
  • rdfwml - can handle the Slashdot headlines.

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