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General Information about WinWAP:

WinWAP is a full WAP browser for Windows. It works both over the internet ( HTTPS ) and with a WAP Gateway. It supports both WTLS and HTTPS security and has full support for WMLScripts. This easy to use WAP browser is designed to make the Wireless Application Services as easy to use and understand as if you were using your normal web browser.

WinWAP 3.0 PRO has no restrictions during the 30 day evaluation period. 


You can browse WML files locally from your hard-drive, or from the internet with the http protocol ( same as your normal web browser ).

How it works:

With WinWAP WML pages can be read over the internet in much the same way as html pages that we are used to read with any standard internet browser (Netscape or IE). However the standard internet browsers does not support the WML format, and that's why we developed WinWAP. In WinWAP you enter the URL ( address ) in the same way as you do with a html browser. The browser then gets the information over the internet with the http protocol, and displays the information.

WINWAP is copyrighted by Slob-Trot Software Oy Ab, Helsinki, Finland.

Please send your questions to: softsales@slobtrot.com


Filename Size Version Release Date
  Download  Download WinWAP Lite 1,9 Mb v3.0  Jan 2001

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