Download WAPobjects Framework

Use the WAPobjects framework and develop the next generation of dynamic business applications for WAP enabled devices easily and in record time.

WAPobjects Flyer


The tight integration of the WAPobjects framework into the WebObjects development environment enables rapid development of complex database driven custom applications using pre-build WML components. The award-winning WebObjects application server delivers high scalability, availablility and performance for your upcoming WAP services.

Existing WebObjects application logic and database resources can be reused unmodified. WAPobjects enables you to develop user interfaces optimized for the special requirements and capabilities of WML devices.

With WAPobjects' object-oriented approach it is easy to add WAP user interfaces to existing WebObjects applications. Newly developed applications profit from the excellent, WAP-enabled WebObjects development tools and from its object-oriented interface to relational databases and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.


The palette contains WML elements in a graphical presentation.

The WAPobjects framework and the WAPobjects palette integrate seamlessly with the development tools and allow drag&drop placement of dynamic elements into WAP pages. All features of the WML description language are easily accessible.

The necessary training effort is kept small.

To get an idea of how simple development with WAPobjects is, take a look at our WAPobjects HelloWorld sample.

WAPobjects Framework *

  • WebObjects components for all elements of the Wireless Markup Language (WML 1.1)
  • Simultaneous creation of HTML and WML user interfaces
  • High-level components for common cases
  • Drag&Drop integration with WebObjects Builder
  • Developer version with Java and ObjectiveC based programming interface
  • Deployment version
  • Demo version
Supported Data Sources
  • Oracle, Sybase, Informix
  • OpenBase, FrontBase
  • Lotus Notes, DB2
  • SAP R/3, PeopleSoft, Baan
Development Tools **
  • Project Builder
  • Enterprise Objects Modeler
  • WebObjects Builder
  • InterfaceBuilder
Supported HTTP Servers **
  • Apache
  • Any with CGI, ISAPI, NSAPI
    or WAI-interface.
Requires Apple WebObjects
** Part of the WebObjects distribution (