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Download WAP Mail

Download ccWAP
Online WAP browser

Download REALgewi for Win32 
This is a free WAP Gateway server

DotWAP is first of its kind utility, which allows fast and simple WAP sites construction without any WAP or WML knowledge.

WBMP creator
Powerful Java bean for creating WBMP images from any source

The tool for creating ambitious WAP sites in a fast and easy way

WAPobjects Framework
Use the WAPobjects framework and develop the next generation of dynamic business applications for WAP devices easily and in record time.

WML Tools v0.0.4
WML Tools is a suite of small programs designed to help in the construction of WAP WML decks.

WAPtelnet is a Telnet client for WAP mobiles. One can use WAPtelnet to connect via WAP enabled devices to UNIX boxes, routers and all the other machines that understand the Telnet protocol.

With WAPtor 2.3, WapTop offer first free WML source editor. The intuitive interface presents all of the necessary WAP site-building tools right at your fingertips. 

ThunderWAP™ for IIS
ThunderWAP™ for IIS transforms any Microsoft Internet Information Server™ into a WAP 1.1 compliant server.

4thpass KBrowser Preview Edition 
4thpass KBrowser is a Palm Internet WAP WML microbrowser that provides access to WAP based services. 

Download EzWAP
EZOS provides EzWAP, the first platform-independent WAP browser enabling all kinds of computing systems to access the mobile Internet: mobile devices, mobile computing and embedded systems, PCs running Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, CE ...

Download WinWAP
WinWAP is a WML browser that works on any computer with 32bit Windows installed (Win95, Win98, WinNT).  You can browse WML files locally from your hard-drive, or from the internet with the http protocol (same as your normal web browser ).

AU WAP_Browser_for Palm OS
Load this onto the Palm and emulate a WAP phone

Download WAPman
The EDGE Consultants has released a self-developed beta version of a fully compliant WAP ver 1.1 browser for the Palm OS 3.1 Computing Platform called the WAPman. Using The EDGE-developed WAPman, the user can now surf WAP sites and perform transactions.

Download pic2wbmp
pic2wmbp is a tool to convert your images made with Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks to the WAP-ready WBMP-format.

Powerful, Corporate WAP Server. WAPLite connects WAP compatible mobile phones to Internet and Intranet based applications & content.

Using a standard Java Swing component based approach it is now easy to create scalable and maintainable E-commerce solutions that target both web and mobile customers.

Infinite InterChange
Infinite InterChange is an email server-based application that integrates seamlessly with any IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus cc:Mail, Notes, or Connect2 based e-mail system.

WAP Source Code

Audicode WAP Server 1.0
Audicode Ltd. produce a WAP Server/Gateway product. It is an affordable application, especially designed for smaller companies and for Intranet purposes.

Wapsody is a set of Java classes that implement most layers WAP and simulates most aspects of WAP. Wapsody is designed to be used as a WAP application building environment.