Sagem Explorer

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  • Send SMS-Messages (single-/multicast/flash)
  • Administer your phonebook
  • Administer your SMS-list
  • SMS address identification
  • Predefined SMS-messages
  • Phone status information
  • Exchanges address book entries with MS-Outlook
  • Netmonitor
  • SMS-groups
  • SMS command mode (control your computer with SMS messages)

    Limited length of SMS-messages for unregistered users!  


Filename Size Version Release Date
Click on the Link to start the download  Setup.exe 238k


November 2000

* See Sagem Phones

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4 SmartSMS v3.0
5 Sagem Explorer for Ringtones/SMS
6 Profile For Nokia Phones
7 Panasonic GD92 Ringtone Composer
8 Phonebook Manager for Sony CMDZ5
9 Ericsson Easy Text
10 Nokia Phone Book Editor



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