Message Master for CE/Pocket PC

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Here comes your personal, pocket-sized office. Experience the freedom to go wherever you like and still stay put.

Message Master for CE/Pocket PC offers all of it, cost-efficient and mobile access to corporate data - no matter where you are.

  • SMS Messaging for Windows CE and Pocket PC
  • Full integration into Pocket Outlook
  • Phonebook management for Pocket Outlook
  • True wireless and cost-efficient communication
  • Wireless e-mail and fax in interaction with network operators



The sending and receiving of SMS messages now finally leaves you truly independent and mobile. No more need for hard wired lines.
Using the GSM-service Short Message Service represents a good value alternative to common wireless but expensive GSM-connections. There is a limit of 160 characters per SMS message
- but for most applications this is really all you need. Wherever 160 characters are not sufficient the software easily handles larger messages by splitting them automatically.
To run the program under Windows CE you don't need more than an appropriate cell phone.

(2.1kb file)

Program File:

v1.1 Download


If you find a link is broken, please email us. Thanks!

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