Download Free SMS Software

SMS spoofing Software for Palm OS

SMS spoof is a PalmOS application that allows you to send spoofed SMS messages. It uses a dialup connection to an EMI/UCP-compatible SMSC. It can be used with a modem connected to the Palm, such as an IR link to a GSM phone with a built-in modem. SMS spoof has been tested with Telenor's SMSC in Norway, but it should work with any SMSC that supports the EMI/UCP protocol, as long as no authentication is required

Download MobiSMS Java - allows SMS @ 5c

MagicMessage is software for sending SMS text messages and graphics to mobiles and cell phones from your Windows PC.

Download Desktop SMS

Desktopsms has built in support to remember the last 5 numbers to which you have sent, And you can have your own phonenumber as the senders number!

Download MultiSMS Express

The new version will allow you send to send SMS  messages to various GSM networks.

Download Oxygen SMS and Phonebook Manager

Oxygen SMS and Phonebook Manager program allows you to communicate with your Nokia 5110, 5130, 5190, 6110, 6130, 6150 or 6190 phone using PC. You can send and receive short messages using  SMS, read, edit and rewrite your phonebook, use it when sending messages, watch battery and signal levels. You will also learn how to connect your mobile phone to a PC.

Message Master for CE/Pocket PC
Message Master for CE/Pocket PC offers all of it, cost-efficient and mobile access to corporate data, SMS - no matter where you are.

Download Message Master

Myemessager enables users to send SMS text messages to GSM operators in the US for Free.

Download Myemessager

An Offline Browser with an SMS tool (2.68Mb)

SMS for Mac OS 8 enables users to send SMS text messages to GSM cellulars. The program sends the message over a normal dial-up modem connection directly to the cellular GSM operator.

Download SMS for Mac OS 8

SmartSMS 1.0

Enables you to send Graphics and Ringtones to your Nokia phone.



Send SMS from your PC to a mobile phone at any worldwide network whose dial in service centre supports the UCP protocol


SMS Centre

SMS Centre is a 32 bit (Windows 95/98/NT) client for sending SMS Messages to a mobile phone


PSWinCom Component Suite

PSWinCom Component Suite is a flexible ActiveX tool for integrating SMS (GSM) and paging support into your applications



Download Now: SH3, MIPS

Version Number: 1.0
Revision Date: June 23, 1999
File Name:
Byte Size: 31279
License: Freeware
Home Page:

PageBoy is an application for sending messages through the phone line to alphanumeric pagers without the need for a modem. PageBoy is donationware currently; if you enjoy using PageBoy, please make a donation.


H/PC: SH3 CE v1.0, MIPS CE v1.0, SH3 CE v2.0, MIPS CE v2.0, Help Files

Version Number: 1.2, 1.4
Revision Date: April 23, 1998
File Name: SenderSH31.0.exe
Byte Size: 41472
License: Freeware
Home Page:
O/S Compatibility: 1.0 and Above

SenderSMS is application for sending SMS from H/PC using Nokia Cellular Data Card and Nokia 2110 or 8110 GSM mobile phones.
Some handhelds need the MFC file to run this application. WinCE 1.0: SH3, MIPS
WinCE 2.0: SH3, MIPS


Download Now: H/PC: MIPSP/PC: MIPS

Version Number: 0.1
Revision Date: September 24, 1999
Byte Size:
License: Freeware
Cost: $0
Home Page:
O/S Compatibility: 2.0 and Above

Sending an SMS-message using the number-keys of a mobile phone is no fun. But with SendMyStuff the only thing you have to do is open a serial connection to your phone and send the SMS to it - and off goes your stuff! Especially for the Ericsson SH888 cellular phone.
Requires mfcce20.dll if not already installed on your device


Download Now: H/PC:

Version Number: 1.2.0
Revision Date: March 10, 1999
File Name:
Byte Size: 116,198
License: Shareware
Cost: $39.95
Home Page:
O/S Compatibility: 2.0 and Above

vxPage allows your Windows CE-based hand held personal computer (H/PC) to send text messages to alphanumeric pagers or other message receiving devices

Unimobile works as a desktop or wireless interface that enables desktop messaging, personal email delivery, and delivery of custom Internet content to your desktop or personal mobile device (including mobile phones, pagers, and PDAs).


7110 Explorer for Nokia

  • Network Info

  • version software

  • Battery Level

  • Signal Level

  • SMS send/receive

  • Call Management

    Get Nokia 7110 Explorer

Alert SMS

A small and easy application to send class 0 short messages via Nokia 5100/6100 phones

Download Alert SMS

PanuWorld FLASHMSG for Nokia 5/6-series phones allows you to send special short messages with your phone. You do not need the computer after storing the useful templates in your SIM with the FLASHMSG. The messages are able to be displayed directly on the recipient's display (class 0 messages) or to turn different symbols on and off on the recipient's display.

Download PanuWorld FlashMsg for Nokia 51xx/61xx phones

SMS25 For Siemems S25
  • Send and manage SMS (with address identification)

  • Multicast SMS

    Download SMS25

SMS Suit is a NDS like software, designed especially for Nokia 8810. SMS Suit, establishes connection via IR-DA port of your computer. You can read your SMS messages, reply to or delete those messages. You can learn IMEI number, software version, manifacturer information of your cellular phone. 

Download SMS Suite Editor for Nokia 8810, 8850 & 8210

Phonebook Editor for Nokia 88xx allows you to modify your entries on your SIM used in the Nokia 8810 and 8850 as well as send SMS messages.

IM/SMS editing software for Nokia 8810, 8210 and 8850

FoneBook PLUS is a powerful tool that enables you to build a contact database to put your contact information into your digital mobile phone faster and easier than ever before. With your contact names and numbers on your phone, making calls has never been so easy. 

Download aragon SIM/SMS editor
for your phone

Paragon Software's FoneSync is an award winning software accessory that works with leading personal information managers (PIMs) to quickly and easily transfer your names and numbers from your PC into your digital mobile phone.

Download Paragon SIM/SMS manager

PhoneMan 2 SMS & SIM Editing software that work on a standard ROM 1.01 Series5/Geofox unless otherwise stated

SG Software SMS & SIM Editing software for Psion EPOC

Enigma is an auto-signing gateway that will help both corporates and individuals to automate the PGP-signing of SMSís sent via Email. It also includes administrative and security features such as extensive allow/deny lists for hosts, Email addresses and cellular phone numbers, as well as message logging.

Download page for Enigma

GSMtool allows you to send and receive SMS messages via your mobile phone (GSM standard) and lets you syncronize the Pilot's Address Book with the address book of your phone. Works with Ericsson/Nokia/Siemens/Motorola phones which support "AT-commands" over infrared connection. Improved version of the former freeware "DI27", now shareware. New: Works also with OS 3.3. Note: Will not work with Nokia 61xx phones.

Download GSMtool for Palm

HandPHONE offers a convenient and intuitive way for Palm III and PalmPilot users to manage the data on their mobile telephones without having to use the numeric keypads and tiny displays found on most phones. With an interface that is familiar to users, the software allows users to view and edit phone entries, dial phone numbers on their mobile phones, and to send and retrieve SMS messages.

for Palm


SMSAlert is a command line driven application which runs under DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and NT Workstation. It allows sending of a short message via dial up to any SMS enabled GSM phone or Pager. SMSAlert may be called directly from an icon or command line.

Download Demo Of SMSAlert

SMS Manager

Send and receive SMS to/from a GSM phone using a PC/serial interface conforming to the GSM 07.05 block mode or PDU mode protocol. For use with a mobile phone supporting PDU mode or Block Mode. For COM1-4 use a speed from 2400 to 9600. For COM5..COM8 select COM1..COM4 but put the speed at 19200. Alternatively, edit the INI file. Full incoming message decode. Full error/acknowledge decode on sending.

Download  SMS Manager(68k)

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway is a 32 Bit Windows utility that enables you to send and receive text and binary "Short Messages" over GSM digital cellular telephone networks. The package consists of both an interactive messaging application (with full source code), and a stand alone messaging gateway to other Windows applications through the use of DDE and OLE Automation. Includes support for the Siemens M1.

v9.06 now! (1.5Meg)

[For Linux/Solaris]

GSMSMS is a set of programs to send SMS messages to digital mobile phones, on the UK Cellnet and Orange networks via  "Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol" (TAP). Supports Linux 2.0.32 using GCC 2.7.2 & Solaris 2.5.1.

Download v1.1a (75k)


This SMS software will only work with the Dutch GSM Networks. It is in Dutch.

new-jagged.gif (144 bytes) Download informer (670kb)

MTN CellNote

CellNote is a freeware Windows 95 Application that uses a modem to dial a server and send SMS messages via the MTN Network.Be sure to read the readme file before installing

Download it here [1.1MB Zipped]

SMS Send for OS/2 Warp

SMS is a Shareware program for OS/2 warp. It is a small, user friendly program for sending text messages to GSM cellular phones.

new-jagged.gif (144 bytes)
Download SMS editor for OS/2 Warp

SMS Send for Macintosh

SMS is a Shareware program for the Macintosh. It is a small, user friendly program for sending text messages to GSM cellulars from a Macintosh. The program works with the following GSM carriers:
Cellnet, Comviq, D1, D2 privat, Europolitan, PTT Telecom, Swisscom, Telefonica, Tele Danmark and Telia. SMS is a shareware program. With unregistered copies, characters 'A' and 'E' in sent messages are transmitted as question marks. To register, send USD $25 to SDS Data.

Download   SMS 1.4.8 English (340K)

Download SMS 1.4.8 Swedish version (380 K)

EasyNote Pro SMS v1.0.3

EasyNote allows you to send SMS messages from your desktop PC that has a modem attached. Pre-configured to work with all four UK mobile networks, and a selection of subscription pager services, EasyNote can also quickly and easily be configured to work with new mobile and pager networks anywhere within the world.

Download Easynote Pro v103

Message-Master Freedom

The intuitive and powerful software for sending wireless messages to mobile phones and pagers for free download.

Download Message-Master Freedom

Message Master Corporate

The SMS Gateway for both sending and receiving wireless mails in GSM mobile networks. Including various interfaces for remote control, monitoring and much more. All you do need is your PC and a connected mobile phone (e.g. Nokia 8110).

Download Message-Master GSM/PCS

Message Master Developer Suite

A new era of components for wireless communication. 30 days evaluation version. Integrates COM, ActiveX and Win32 API in one product.
Version for sending wireless messages to pagers and mobile phones through TAP and UCP modem/ISDN dial-up.
Version for true interactive wireless messaging using PC connectable cellphones.

Download Message-Master Developer Suite

Orange Messenger v1.1

The Orange Messenger allows you to receive summaries of your mail messages on your Orange phone, or to send text messages via Orange's web site from the system tray. For this program to operate correctly, you must either be permanently connected to the Internet, or your mail client must know how to connect you when the messages are sent.

Download Orange Messenger v1.1